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There are many great people... who deserve recognition ...

We offer Certification for Specialists,
Coaches, Leaders and Alternative Educators.

There are many excellent, gifted teachers, mentors, coaches and experts who fall outside of the traditional education system. As a result, they do not get the recognition that deserve, because accrediation in the form of degrees is a Univeristy or College token. Worldwide Certification provides an alternative pathway to recognition with an endorsement that builds your professional standing and worth. A Worldwide Certification communicates that you are a committed to higher standards of excellence and trust.

The Big Why?

Why not get recognition?

Many exceptionally gifted people fall outside of the recognition and reward systems of traditional education. We say they deserve recognition too.

Personal Status

The recognition you deserve!

Maybe, you don't have a degree. But, you have exceptional gifting, knowledge, skills and more to offer the world. Why not get the recognition you deserve?

Ground Breakers.

People doing great things!

Many of the world's greatest breakthroughs are coming from talented individuals without degrees, in offices, workshops, and garages.

Coaches and Trainers

Let your brilliance shine!

If you are an exceptionally talented coach or trainer, you need to speak to us to get the honor, recognition, and promotion due to you.


Building Reputation

Ideal for private schools or breakthrough institutions that are uniquely positioned to offer value that is way ahead of the rest of the field.

Exceptional Courses

Leading with excellence.

You've come to a great place to gain the latest great knowledge and education from the best coaches and breakthrough leaders.

Welcome toOur Latest Certifications

Traditional certification is based on factors such as number of hours, pages, how many prerequisites, and so on. Our criteria lands on actual worth and practical value, rather than expensive, time-wasting, padded curriculum. We are looking for excellence, breakthrough knowledge, learnability, and quality.

Prosperous Families

Certification: June 2021

Prosperous Families is a powerful, much needed program to help parents who are conscerned about equipping their children for success in a cray, upside down world.

How to Start Your Own PMA

Certification (L1): November 2021

A beginner's guide to start your own PMA with PMA Power. This is an entry level course, which is good for people who are new to the subject of Private and Public domains.

PMA Power Advisors Certification

Certification (L2): November 2021

The official course to be become an approved PMA Power Advisor This is an advanced level course, which is required by PMA Power to be listed as an Advisor on their website.

Leaders Worldwide

Certification: November 2021

A program to overcome poverty. Leaders Worldwide is designed for pastors and mission workers who are looking for an understanding on how to free their communities from poverty.

A Christian Life Coaching Certification

Certification (L1-3): October 2020

A tree is produced from a seed. We come from a seed. A corrupt seed produces a tree that is ill. Soulthentics asks how can we be whole from seed to success, God's way.

Kingdom Nation Business Academy

Certification: August 2021

Kingdom Nation's Business Academy is specifically designed for Kingdom minded entrepreneurs who want to learn about business as a ministry, as part of a Kingdom community.

Speakers Academy

Certification: March 2021

Develop the most important skill for success of them all. Few things are more empowering than the ability to speak and communicate well. A great add-on for Prosperous Families.

What does Worldwide Certification do for me?

Traditional education systems have their own award and accreditation systems. When people meet their requirements, they are given a certificate or a degree of some kind as a reward for their efforts, and as a form of recognition that they can take with them to job interviews. Although this is valuable to those who go through their systems, we asked the question, "What about people who are innovators, ground-breakers, inventors, naturally gifted teachers, trainers, coaches, pioneers, etc. who have not been through the traditional education system? Do they deserve to go unrecognized, without a reward of some kind?" For us, the answer is no! If you are excellent, or if you have achieved excellence in some way, you should have your excellence recognized and endorsed. You should be rewarded with higher pay, increased status, and much more. And that is what Worldwide Certification is all about. We review and evaluate a wide range of skills, projects, courses, and programs, to see if they meet our standards of excellence. and, when they do, we will let the world know. We believe that if you have worked hard to be excellent, you deserve to be recognized and rewarded for your excellence.

Excellence First!

We look for excellence first! Are you an pioneer, an innovator or a leader in your field? Can you bring a new level of excellence and understanding to the market? If so, this is for you.

Build Confidence!

The value of having a degree or formal certification is that it inspires confidence in you, your products and services. It tells people you made the effort. You aimed higher. You are excellent!

Offer Great Value!

When evaluating a product or service, we ask what is the true value that is being offered here? Can we confidently, endorse this? Can we boldly promote this? Is this worth recommending to others?

Easy and Affordable!

Accreditation and certification can be time consuming and expensive, with many hoops to jump through. We make it easy. Simply submit your program to Worldwide Certification for evaluation.

Questions and Answers: Worldwide Certification

What is Worldwide Certification?

We recognized that a lot of people do amazing things... often without recognition. Many of the world's great technologies and inventions began around a kitchen table, in a garage, a basement, or a field. We believe that such people should also have a pathway to endorsement and recognition, that is similar to, or on a par with the recognition given out by traditional education's institutions. In the case of traditional education, a person can pay their money, study for several years and obtain a degree. This is a good thing, because people like employers often favor, and reward those who have degrees. The question we asked is what about the many people and organizations out there, who have also put in years of hard work, and who have achieved excellence, but outside of the traditional education system? We believe that they desreve recognition and endorsement too. And they deserve to be rewarded for their achievements. This is why we created Worldwide Certification, to recognize excellence and endorse those who achieve great things.

What about accreditation?

Traditional education has built a framework of accreditation that suits its needs, and supports its purposes. This is good for those who will benefit from this structure. However, there are many who fall outside of traditional education's scope of practice, and as such do not receive the support or benefits of a traditional system and its accreditation. Worldwide Certification is not a replacement for, or in competition with the things that traditional education does well. Worldwide Certification is meant to support the excellence of those who fall outside of traditional education and its accreditation systems. It is up to each institution to recognize or not recognize a person's achievements. In each case they will ask you for your academic history and make their decisions accordingly.

I have a private academy. What are the benefits of a Worldwide Certification?

One of the challenges that you will face as a private academy is to establish your legitimacy. People want to know that they are getting value for money, and a quality product and service. Worldwide Certification can help you build trust, by showing that your programs have been reviewed and endorsed by Worldwide Certification. In addition, we can help you take your programs online by including your courses and training in our online platforms. These will automatically issue your students a Worldwide Certification of their own upon successful completion of each course. The objective is to add significant value to your products, services, and reputation in the marketplace. Also keep in mind the importance of setting yourself apart from your competitors. Many self-styled academies are springing up. You can look like the rest of them, or show that your academy is committed to a higher level of excellence.

Our organization is looking for a training partner. Can you help?

We are always open to mutually beneficial partnerships. Please schedule a time to discuss your needs with us. If we are a good match for each other, we can help you take your program online, so that you can gain greater exposure and develop additional income streams. You can book a call at here..

What is the cost of a Worldwide Certification?

A lot less than traditional accreditation. In many cases, there is no cost because we opt for a revenue share, which means there may be no upfront cost. We can work out the best approach for you on an informal discovery call. You can book a call at here..

What if I have questions?

Feel free to ask. Click the "Send a Message" button below.