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The Advisor listed on this page is hereby recognized by Worldwide Certification for meeting the Official PMA Power Certification requirements, and for completing the Official PMA Power's Advisors Certification course. In order to become a PMA Power Advisor, candidates must be pre-approved, and successfuly pass two certification courses. Officialy recognized PMA Power Advisors are required to own and operate a PMA of their own.


Angie Taylor

PMA Power Certified Advisor

Helping other Natural Health Professionals, Midwives, Doulas, and Birthkeepers move into the private domain

As a Dr. of Natural Health, Independent Midwife, Life Coach and more, Angie converted her public business into a business activity within her family’s Private Ministerial Association. She now only works with the private members of her PMA. This has opened the doors to the freedom our nation’s founding fathers (and mothers) created for all. Angie is now also able to advise other natural health professionals, midwives, doulas, and Birthkeepers on how to move out of the public domain by creating their own Private Membership Association that fits their needs and the needs of those they serve. Contact Angie to learn about the protections available to you within the private domain.

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Why consider a PMA?

You can legally practice your profession in a properly formed First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, Tenth and Fourteenth Amendment Private Membership Association. This means that your association business, and its members remain in the private domain and remain outside the jurisdiction of public law and public authority. In other words, a private mode or domain is protected and is a different domain than a public domain. The members of a private association have the right to contract with each other and conduct business activities, provided that those activities are not “of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger that they will bring about the substantive evils.”

Probable benefits...

Greater Security

Greater security of being able to continue operation in a world of changing laws and politics.

Greater Potential

Increased profits due to unrestricted and beneficial structuring and strategies not available to regulated industries.

Greater Freedom

You can have more rights to accomplish your personal goals and objectives within a private association.

More Rights

A properly formed private membership association ... have more rights and freedom to pursue personal goals and objectives.


Questions and Answers

What is a Certified PMA Power Advisor?

A Certified PMA Power Advisor is someone who has put in the time and effort to meet PMA Power's certification requirements. This includes pre-consideration, being pre-approved, and completing two courses, "A beginner's guide to starting your own PMA," and "The Official PMA Advisors Certification." PMA Power offers ongoing weekly training for its Certified Advisors to facilitate ongoing growth, and ellevating standards. Certified PMA Power Advisors are required to "walk the talk," by setting up, and owning a PMA of their own.

Please explain what is a PMA?

A PMA is a Private Membership Association. The various types of private associations operate in a manner as to keep private business and private activities a private contractual matter between the association and the members. Keep in mind that law says "no state can pass any law that impairs the obligation of contract". The association is founded upon the principle that we have an unalienable right to associate. The Supreme Court has always held that the right to associate is synonymous with the right to assemble. An association is simply a group of men and women collectively exercising their right to associate in private.

What happens when I contact an Advisor?

You can expect to have a casual, yet professional interview with an officially certified PMA Power Advisor. The Advisor will seek to clarify issues for you. You are free to ask questions. The Advisor will help understand the different types of PMAs, and which is best for your situation.

What can I expect if I ask the Advisor to help me set up a PMA?

The Advisor's role is to help you lay the foundation for your PMA by creating a set of properly drafted Founding Documents. These documents are extremely important, because they are the foundation upon which your PMA will stand. The Advisor will ask you to provide information such as the name of the PMA, the names of the Trustees, a logo,* and so on. The Advisor will send you a membership agreement so that you can join the Advisor's PMA. The reason for this is that Advisors walk the talk, by having a PMA of their own. As such, the service offered to you will be on a membership basis only. In other words, by proceeding, you are accepting membership of the Advisor's PMA for the sole purpose of completing your Foundation documents. The Advisor may, or may not, include additional products or services at their sole discretion. The Advisor will specify payment terms, and the delivery process, with you.

What is the Advisor's scope of practice?

This is an important question. An officially certified Advisor's scope of practice is limited to the drafting of founding documents for client's PMAs. Advisors are committed to helping people in the best way possible. As a result, Advisors may do extensive research into a wide variety of subjects related to PMAs. This may range from researching court cases, to following the news, to researching tax laws, to education practices, to property transactions, and much more. Although Advisors may share what they discover along the way with their clients, to try to be helpful, Advisors do not claim to be tax, medical, or law experts in any way. All information is shared in the hope that it will be helpful, and that it will bring light to the subject, and for its education value only. This is important to understand because the onus is on you to do your homework and to consult with appropriately qualified experts in all matters of importance. As an example, if you are challenged legally, you should speak to an appropriately qualified attorney. If you experience a matter related to your taxes, you should speak to a tax proferssional. If you have health issues, you should speak to an appropriately qualified medical practitioner. And so on.

How can I learn more?

There are several pathways:

1. Refer to the website at
2. Speak to a Certified Advisor. You can select an Advisor for our Directory of Certified Advisors.
3. Do the course, "A Beginners Guide to Starting your own PMA," at

What if I have more questions?

You can join our community at You will find a wealth of information there.


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